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Combining storytelling elements from country and electronic influences, STINA’s music brings a modern take to a classic genre. She’s inspired by artists such as Maren Morries, Kelsea Ballerini, and Sam Hunt.

Were she started
Growing up in a small town in the south of Sweden STINA found a love for music at an early age. At 6 she started taking singing lessons, at 12 she got her first guitar and she has since then been writing her own songs.

Her steps toward her dream

At 19 she decided to leave the safety of the deep Nordic forest for London city life and fully commit to music. Just over 3 years later she released her debut single GONNA LEAVE, produced by TANNERGAARD. In 2021 she re-branded as a country artist and released singles produced by Tim Prottey-Jones, host at Chris country radio and previously signed to Decca/Universal. The singles had a great response with numerous radio plays in UK and Norway as well as over 90.000 streams on Spotify. During her time in London, she performed frequently both with her own band as well with the band Lionfly Secrets. In 2018 her music was showcased for the major record labels during a live show at Under the Bridge for close to 2000 people. In 2022 she played in her hometown for the first time and attracted over 400 people to attend the show. 

What she’s doing now
STINA moved to Los Angeles in September 2022 and has already been featured as a backing vocalist for the band Bijou Noir, she has been booked for her first LA live solo show as well as now working together with Nashville producer Austin Moorhead for her upcoming releases.

”Carry on building your music, this would be very special, a very special voice, lovely voice” Tristan Parsons (Atlantic Records UK)..


”Wow what a voice!I would definitely like to work with you in the future with other projects etc!” Mitchell Kersley (Bentley Records Europe).


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