Where she started
Growing up outside a small town in the south of Sweden STINA found the love for music at an early age. At 6 she started taking singing lessons, at 12 she got her first guitar and she has since then been writing her own songs.

Her first step to her dream

At 19 she decided to leave the safety of the deep Nordic forest for the London city-life to fully commit to music.
Just over 3 years later she's released her debut single GONNA LEAVE. The single had great response and was picked up and reviewed by the music blog Born music as well as selected to be on their top ten. She also had offers from radio plugger on Skinny Music to get the song on to BBC Radio.

What she’s doing now

Besides working on her solo project STINA has written topplines for DJ’s such as Swedish DJ and producer TANNERGAARD.  She's currently working with Tim Prottey-Jones, host at Chris country radio and former signed to Decca/Universal.

June 2018, STINA graduated from the music university BIMM London after completing her degree in creative musicianship - vocals. After her studies STINA went on a backpacking trip though America and this is where her love for country music grew stronger. She then decided that moving forward she would leave the more EDM-dance inspired feel with hooks from pop to the warmth of Country music.

She's now in the process of release the new material that she has been working with over the last year.

Where she wish to go
Were do she see herself in 10 years? I can’t wait to see how my story starts. I am exited to get in there, try and work my hardest and see where it takes me. Music is what makes me so incredibly happy, and hope that in 10 years I will be sharing this love of mine with the rest of the world. 

Industry quotes
”Carry on building your music, this would be very special, a very special voice, lovely voice” Tristan Parsons (Atlantic Records UK).

”Wow what a voice! I would definitely like to work with you in the future with other projects etc!”Mitchell Kersley (Bentley Records Europe).